Flights to Albania

For many years it was impossible to fly from Spain to Albania, and the only options to arrive and visit the country were to go through the airports of Montenegro (Podgorica) or Dubrovnik in the south of Croatia. But with the growth of tourism in Albania, it is now a reality to visit Albania with direct flights.

Flights to AlbaniaTirana International Airport Mother Theresa

In fact it is the Hungarian airline Wizzair that connects Spain with Albania through flights from Madrid and Barcelona to Tirana .

Another option if we are in Italy or we make a stopover from Latin American countries such as Mexico, Colombia or Argentina is to consider flights from airports such as Bologna, Milan, Pisa, Venice, Verona, Rome, Bari, Rimini, Ancona, Florence, Genoa, Perugia or Turin.

Flights to AlbaniaWizzair aircraft connecting Spain to Albania

These are not the only options because we can find direct flights to Tirana from Greece, Turkey or Germany with airlines such as Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa or Aegean Airlines


In this link you can find more information about Tirana airport and options for taxi, private transfers and public transport to get to the city centre.


Find the cheapest flights from Madrid and Barcelona to Tirana.

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