Tirana Airport

The main airport in Albania is Tirana Mother Teresa (Nënë Tereza in Albanian) International Airport (its IATA code is TIA). It is the only airport with international flights. It is located on the outskirts of the Albanian capital, near the town of Rinas.

Tirana AirportTirana International Airport Tirana Mother Teresa

The total number of passengers in 2017 was 2 million 200 thousand passengers. In 2005, an American-German consortium received a 20-year concession over Tirana airport and Albanian airspace. Despite considerable modernisation of the airport, prices are among the highest in Europe due to the monopoly over Albanian airspace and limited transport options. As a result, low-cost airlines are discouraged from entering the Albanian market, while neighbouring countries offer much lower prices from their primary and secondary airports.  After a period of intense negotiations, the Albanian government managed to reduce the concession period by 5 years until 2020, thus opening the possibility for low-cost airlines to enter the Albanian market, such as the start of flights between Tirana and Budapest by Wizz Air .


There are no direct flights from Spain to Albania, so you can either choose to make a stopover at airports in Italy, France or Germany, or you can fly to Skopje airport in Macedonia or Podgorica airport in Montenegro, and then cross the border into Albania by rental car or a private transfer.


The airport can be reached by private car, public bus, taxi or transfer. From Tirana city centre it is 16 km to the airport, with a driving time of just over half an hour. Here is the suggested route:

Buses to Tirana Airport

The company LU-NA shpk offers a bus service between Mother Teresa Airport and Tirana and vice versa. The bus departs from the bus stop behind the National Opera House.

Bus timetable Tirana

Tirana – Airport : Every hour from 07:00 to 23:00

Airport – Tirana : Hourly from 08:00 to 24:00

Dürres bus timetable

Adis Travel and Tours offers a shuttle service from the airport to Durres and vice versa,

Durres – Airport: 08:00; 09:30; 11:00; 13:00; 15:00; 19:00

Airport – Durres: 10:00; 12:00; 15:30; 17:00; 22:00

Fier bus timetable

Euro-Albania Travel offers a transport service from TIA to Fier and vice versa

Fier – Tirana Airport: 07:00, 12:00

Tirana – Fier Airport : 09:00, 14:00

Tirana AirportTirana Airport Map


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