Blue Eye of Theth

The beautiful village of Theth immersed in the landscape of the Albanian Alps is a place not to be missed if you like mountains. Many travellers come here seduced by the photographs they have seen of one of its most famous sites, the Blue Eye of Theth .

Blue Eye of ThethBlue Eye of Theth

From the village we follow the course of the river until we find a sign indicating that we must cross it to get to the Blue Eye. If we go straight ahead the path takes us to the Grunas waterfall , another beautiful place in Theth.

On the way we come across the power plant “Hidrocentrali i Shales ne Nderlysa”, just before reaching the village of Nderlysaj. From the village it doesn’t take long to reach an area where the river widens, and before our eyes appears a large natural pool of intense green and blue colours. Next to it, a path leads into the mountains. After 2.5 km we reach the Blue Eye waterfall (Syri i Kalter in Albanian). The water is really cold, but you feel like swimming in it


The waterfall cascades over the Blue Eye well, pouring water from the melting of the mountains. The colours seem impossible, but they are real.

Blue Eye of ThethBlue Eye of Theth

Information Route to the Blue Eye

Length of the route: 20 kilometres

Estimated time: 2 hours 20 minutes one way, 5 hours round trip without stopping

Difficulty: easy

Route map from Theth to Blue Eye


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