Grunas Waterfall

The Grunas , in Albanian Ujëvara e Grunasit , and sometimes easier to find if you ask for Thethi waterfall – is one of the most impressive waterfalls in Albania.

The 30-metre high waterfall falls creating a visual spectacle and a deafening roar. It is located near Theth , probably the best known mountain village in the Albanian Alps , in north-eastern Albania. The particularity of the waterfalls is due to the fact that they are formed by the melting snow melt water of the Shala Mountains.

In 2002, they were declared a natural monument of Albania and a protected area within the Theth National Park. The landscape of the Grunas waterfall by the Lumi River is one of the most interesting landscapes to visit during your stay in

Theth .

Breathing the clean air and gazing at the scenery, the visitor is instantly freed from the small worries of everyday life. The gentle flow of the waterfall takes on different chromatic tones in the sun, and flows down the valley surrounded by bushes and small trees that remain green all year round.

Grunas WaterfallGrunas Waterfall


The waterfall is next to Theth, about 75 km from the town of Shkodra.

From Thethi there is a path runs along the Lumi river which splits after a while walking, keep left. The trail is marked, but you don’t have to be vigilant. The walk takes about three quarters of an hour to reach the waterfalls.  The last stage of the walk involves a 15-minute climb of an intermediate level, so be prepared with your best non-slip shoes. On the way we pass one of the towers – Kulla e ngujimit prison, which served as a prison for people who had committed a crime and were imprisoned inside.


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