Discover the Top Hiking Trails in Albania

Ready to discover the top hiking trails in Albania? From stunning coastal paths to breathtaking mountain adventures, Albania has something for every hiker. Get ready to explore hidden beaches with crystal clear waters, trek to the summit of Mount Dajti for panoramic views, and discover the untouched beauty of Theth and Valbona Valley National Parks. With endless options for adventure, Albania is the perfect destination for hiking enthusiasts. So grab your backpack and let’s hit the trails!

Coastal Trails

The Albanian Riviera is renowned for its beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters, but did you know it also offers some of the best coastal trails in Europe? With hundreds of miles of coastline, Albania’s Riviera has plenty to offer for hikers, from short scenic walks to longer, more challenging treks.

Explore the Stunning Albanian Riviera on Foot

Starting your journey in the charming seaside town of Saranda, you can take a hike to the ancient castle of Lëkurësi or explore the idyllic beaches of Ksamil. Further up north, near the town of Vlorë, is the Karaburun-Sazan National Marine Park, perfect for an exhilarating hike through pristine forests and rugged coastal landscapes. Here, you might spot rare wildlife, such as golden eagles, peregrine falcons, and dolphins.

Discover the Top Hiking Trails in Albania

Discover Hidden Beaches and Crystal Clear Waters

In Dhërmi, you can hike along the olive groves and citrus trees and discover the hidden coves and remote beaches scattered along the coastline. The Ionian Sea is perfect for swimming, snorkelling or kayaking. Don’t miss the chance to visit the Blue Hole, a natural pool created by a water spring that looks like a giant eye.

Hike Along the Olive Groves and Citrus Trees of Dhërmi

Heading further north, the Llogara National Park offers spectacular views over the Riviera and the Ionian Sea. You can hike through dense forests and along steep cliffs, like the trail that leads to the summit of Mount Çika. In addition, the National Park of Qafe Shtama and Shtylla has a trail that takes you to an old military blockhouse, with fantastic views of the Tirana landscape.

When hiking in Albania, remember to take appropriate clothing, food and drink, and always respect the natural landscapes and surrounding communities.

Mountain Adventures

Albania, known for its beautiful landscapes and mountains, is a great destination for hiking and mountain adventures. The northern and eastern mountains and the interior of the “Albanian Riviera” on the Mediterranean coast are some of the most popular hiking areas in Albania. However, the mountains to the east of the capital city of Tirana are also becoming more popular due to their accessibility.

The Best Time to Visit Albania for Hiking

The best time to visit Albania for hiking is in early summer and autumn, from May to June and from September to October. While the temperatures are pleasant for hiking, the high altitude areas of the mountains can still be enjoyed in the summer months.

Discover the Top Hiking Trails in Albania

The Best Hiking Trails in Albania

Albania is home to some of the most beautiful hiking trails in Europe. Here are some of the best hiking trails:

Park NationalDescription
ThethTheth is a small, remote mountain village in northern Albania, near Shkodra. It is surrounded by beautiful nature and is the starting point for many hiking trails, including the famous “Peaks of the Balkans”. A shorter hike leads to the famous “Blue Eye”, a small lake under a waterfall.
ValbonaValbona is a village in the Valbona National Park, in the Albanian Alps, just a day’s hike from Theth. It is nestled at the foot of Jezerca, the highest mountain that is completely located in Albania. The park boasts of beautiful and untouched mountain landscapes spread across a picturesque valley.
LlogaraLlogara is a national park located behind the Albanian coast that boasts of beautiful mountains, narrow gorges, dense mountain forests, and magnificent views of the Mediterranean. It is ideal for both short and long hikes.

Experience Albania’s Best Hiking Trails

If you are looking for a guided hiking adventure, join one of the many tours that take you around some of the best hiking trails in Albania. One such tour starts at the city of Tirana and heads to the Llogara National Park. The Llogara National Park is a biosphere reserve that is famous for its black pine and 500-year-old fir trees that create an enchanted forest. The hiking trail covers ancient forests and leads to Mount Qorre. On the trail, you will visit coastal towns such as Dhermi, Himara, Kudhes, and Vuno, explore ancient cities and castles, and end up at beaches like Livadhi. On the last day, you will take a hike in the mountains south of the Albanian Riviera, culminating in a visit to the top of Mount Lavani. Accommodation is provided in comfortable mountain or beach hotels throughout the trail.

If you’re a passionate hiker and Albania has been on your wanderlust list for a while, it’s time to pack your hiking boots and get ready to be amazed by this stunning country! From the mesmerizing Albanian Riviera to the majestic peaks of Mount Dajti, Albania offers some of the best hiking trails you’ll ever come across. Whether you’re up for a refreshing coastal walk or an adventurous mountain trek, there’s something for every level and preference. As a Diana, woman in love with Albania, I invite you to read more about the country’s breathtaking spots on my blog, Albania Traveller. Keep exploring and unraveling the beauty of Albania – you never know what hidden gems you might find!