Travel insurance to Albania

Albania does not belong to the European Economic Community, so the European Health Insurance Card has no validity or effect. The Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends the purchase of travel insurance to Albania .

Insurance for medical care


The country’s public facilities have poor infrastructure and services compared to the standard in Spain and other Eurozone countries. This is why it is advisable to have a travel insurance with medical care coverage , which will allow you to opt for private clinics and expedite care and treatment.

Insurance with covid-19 coverage can solve problems with medical care or stay in quarantine. If you go to public or private hospitals without medical insurance coverage, the costs incurred are borne by the person being treated

Many travellers come to Albania for sporting activities or trekking in the mountainous hinterland. A good coverage of this type of experience avoids rescue costs.

Travel insurance to AlbaniaAlbanian Mountains

Accident insurance

The travel insurance can also cover traffic accidents with the rental car. Driving in Albania and the roads – especially those in mountainous areas which are winding – can involve mishaps, so insurance with accident cover will save you a lot of headaches.

Travel insurance to AlbaniaNot all roads in Albania are like this, but insurance never hurts.

Insurance for your holiday in Albania

Did you know that insurance can cover lost or damaged luggage? Avoid problems and travel safely to Albania. They can even cover you for trip cancellation or flight cancellation. What’s more, some coverages extend protection in cases of repatriation or theft.

IATI travel insurance

Our recommendation is to hire the best when it comes to health issues and that is why we collaborate with IATI .

They provide 24-hour care in Spanish, no excess is paid, so you pay nothing extra to the cost of the travel insurance contracted

Country of residenceSpainChoose the country in case of repatriationOrigin of the tripDestination of the trip-1 travellerType of insuranceCalculate your insurance

For example, the IATI Standard insurance covers up to 300,000 euros from the first cent, for medical expenses, hospitalisation, PCR tests requested at the destination by a specialist and even the extension of your stay in case of compulsory quarantine.

Another insurance called IATI Backpacker is perfect if you do sports or activities like trekking, diving or rafting in Albania.

So now you know, if you prefer to travel with insurance and avoid surprises in Albania, don’t waste time and arrange it in advance.

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