Flag of Albania

The origins of the current flag of Albania come from the medieval banners of the so-called ” national hero ” of Albania, the prince known as Skanderbeg (George Kastrioti) .

The Byzantine eagle was used for heraldic purposes in the Middle Ages by several noble families in Albania and became the symbol of the Albanians. The emblem that flew over the fortress of Krujë in 1443 in their fight against the Turks was red with a black double-headed eagle. Subjugated and integrated into the possessions of the Ottoman Empire, the symbol was forgotten until it was revived as a symbol by nationalist sentiments in the 19th century.

Flag of AlbaniaFlag of Albania

It was the Albanian immigrants Faik Konitsa from Brussels and Querim Panarity, who from Boston exalted the figure of Skanderbeg at the end of the 19th century, pulsating the nationalist sentiment that swept across Europe. Independence from Ottoman rule was finally proclaimed on 28 November 1912. Since then, different Albanian regimes (republic, monarchy, fascist corporate state or communist people’s republic) have used the red flag with the black double-headed eagle. Before the restoration of the flag on 22 May 1993, different emblems (a cross, a crown, two fasces during the Italian occupation, or a communist star) accompanied the eagle on the flag.

Within the chromatic symbolism of the flag, the red represents bravery, strength and courage, while the double-headed eagle represents the sovereign state of Albania.

The maritime flags of Albania, the civilian insignia and the naval insignia, are different from the national flag. The civilian insignia consists of three horizontal bands of red, black and red. The naval insignia is similar to the national flag, except that the eagle is on a white field and the lower part of the flag has a red stripe.

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