Security in Albania

Security in AlbaniaSecurity information in Albania

Albania is safe?

Albania’s bad reputation is totally undeserved. Albania is a totally safe country, not exempt from the same dangers or situations that can be experienced anywhere in Europe. For years, or decades, the image of Albania as a country where the mafia was rampant, as a drug corridor to the interior of Europe, or as a nest of government corruption, has been a common cliché or a cliché that other countries have exaggerated.

There is no denying that after the fall of the Stagnationist dictatorship and years of little contact with the outside world, the transition to stability led to situations of weak government control. After the collapse of the government in 1997, some of the army’s weapons were stolen and some are estimated to remain in private hands. Even so, criminality is neither common nor tourism-related. Fortunately, Albania is now on its way to integration into the European Union framework and can safely claim to be a safe country for tourism. Theft is practically non-existent and hospitality prevails over any negative situation.

Travelling alone in Albania

The option of travelling alone does not entail any danger, on the contrary, it gives the possibility to get closer to the Albanians, who will certainly be delighted if we show interest in their country. Women will not encounter any dangers or situations that could cause fear, and despite possible sexist behaviour – which is common all over the world – Albania does not pose a risk.

Cautions and tips

In all travel precautions should be taken. Just use common sense. Keep your belongings in sight and pay attention when using your credit card for purchases or withdrawing money from ATMs. Avoid as much as possible certain places where the atmosphere is hostile, such as nightclubs where ….

Albania, like Greece is in a seismically active region (the most significant was the earthquake measuring 6.4 on the Richter scale in November 2019). Even if unlikely, check your accommodation’s evacuation plan and familiarise yourself with the best survival tips for when an earthquake strikes.

The biggest risk in Albania is the roads. Albanian drivers are not exactly known for their patience and respect for the rules. Even so, it is enough to be extremely careful. As far as taxis are concerned, simply agree on the price in advance or make sure the meter is running at the start of the journey.

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