Rafting in Albania

There are different rafting areas in Albania , including the Vjosa River, (Gjirokastra), the Osumi Canyon or the Black Drin

Rafting in AlbaniaRafting in Albania

Vjosa River

The Vjosa River is one of the last free flowing rivers in Europe, it is a class II rafting with some class III rapids. Be prepared for waves of up to four feet and narrow passages that make the boat sway and the water gush over the sides. The entire 270 km course of the Vjosa River is wild and untamed and is adorned with beautiful canyons, braided river sections, islands and meanders. The starting point is usually in Permet.

Osumi Canyons

Rafting in the Osumi canyons is not only one of the best tours in Albania, but also an incredible monument of nature. For all lovers of the outdoors, lovers of the wild terrain, the canyons are one of the best natural sites in Albania.

Rafting in AlbaniaPanoramic view of the Osum Gorge

This is where rafting first started in Albania and is still the most important rafting destination in Albania today.  The canyons are located in the region of Skrapar, not far from the city of Berat (one and a half hours)

Black Drin

The Black Drin is the longest river in Albania, with its 285 kilometres running through the country, and one of the most interesting places for rafting in Albania.

The river begins at the merger of the Black Drin and White Drin, which flows from beautiful Lake Ohrid in Macedonia to the town of Kukës in Albania. As the Black Drin enters Albania, the river splits into two large branches that flow along the outskirts of the Dibra district. Along the valleys of this region, the Black Drin turns into a beautiful beach, where the locals of Peshkopi spend the summer in a wonderful landscape.

Rafting in AlbaniaPicture of Rafting in Osumi Canyon – ©Trip&Travel Blog/Flickr

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